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In more than a thousand concerts since 1975, Coro Hispano de San Francisco has led the way in restoring to live performance an immense repertory of extraordinary beauty: the choral and vocal music of Latin America. One of Coro's singular achievements has been to make this legacy accessible to modern audiences by the musicological work of researching, transcribing and editing, which precedes teaching the first note to our singers and players.

The result of all this industry? If you've ever been to a Coro concert, you wouldn't need to ask. This is music that thrills the heart in a thousand ways, as varied as the music itself. No wonder all of our concerts receive standing ovations! And if you haven't been to one of our concerts yet, you can purchase the two CDs still in print (go to THE MUSIC, and hear for yourself; you'll want to ovate, and you won't have to stand).

This year we are focusing on editing a huge reserve of master-tapes from dedicated recording sessions that Coro has made over the past ten years. The great majority of this material is of works nowhere else recorded.

Become part of a bright new adventure: bringing to light a treasure in sound, already discovered but not yet revealed. Your ears will thank you! …and so will all the other folks out there, who will be able to hear this harvest of great music along with you.

(for more details, go to CD PROJECT page)

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Instituto Pro Música de California is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation.

Coro and Conjunto function as programs of IPMC.

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