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August, 2013

trimming sail

FOR HOW WE SPEND THE DOLLAR, either earned or donated, our priorities have always been oriented overwhelmingly to our programs: researching the music of our world to make it accessible, and bringing it to life in performance, to make it yours.

But hard times have made for hard choices:

For more than five years we have had to work without paid administrative staff;

our artistic director has been working without compensation for nearly ten;

last year we had to close our last office in the City;

much of our material we've had to put into storage;

* our concert-production itself has been cut back.

IN SPITE OF THAT, WE CONTINUE TO BRING TO LIFE NEW REPERTORY, through research, editing, teaching and rehearsing. Last June, in collaboration with The Presidio Trust, we produced two concerts celebrating our City's birthday once again at the Presidio's Golden Gate Club. The music we performed was all new to our audiences, more than half of it world premieres of new choral-instrumental arrangements.

In October, we'll be participating both Saturday and Sunday in the San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music's 6th Annual Music Day at the SF Conservatory.


PAST THAT, our programmatic goal for the coming year is to focus on a long-neglected aspect of our work: producing new CDs. From concert-cycles spanning a decade, we have recorded master-tapes – all final cuts from dedicated recording sessions – that contain enough material for another ten new releases. Once released in CD format, they will be made available in mp3 and other 21st-c. formats.

To bring this goal to fruition, we must find funding to underwrite the post-editing, accompanying booklet creation and production of each release. To see how you can help, click the DONATE page

We are foregoing the Reyes concert cycle for next year in order to give ourselves time to recoup and regroup.



Our mailing address is now 316 Highland Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94110;

our email address remains info@corohispano.org

our website address you already have, or you wouldn't be here:


You can reach our artistic director by phone at 415-864-4681,

or by email at juanpedrogaffney@corohispano.org

Keep in touch! we're still singing!