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Coro Hispano is in need of volunteer workers to help with the organization and maintenance of the Coro’s infrastructure and support operations. These volunteers need to have the requisite skills for the jobs listed below and, most importantly, have the time available on a consistent basis, have the attitude of responsibility is assuring that the job is done properly and to the satisfaction of either the Artistic Director or the Director of Operations, Finance and Administration, and have a strong sense of value in the work they perform.

In accomplishing this work, you will have a strong sense of participation and contribution to the resurgence and growth of one of the most important cultural organizations in the Spanish speaking communities and in the Bay Area itself. In fact, as the Coro grows in reach through such things as the 2008 California Mission Tour and even broader events, you will be part of an important cultural treasure that could rise to national prominence. As the organization grows in reach, stature, and finances, some of this work with become permanent, paying positions that you may wish to keep.

Whatever the future, your work now comes at a critical time for the Coro and will be a major, a significant contribution that assures the growth of Coro Hispano de San Francisco. Your work will be treasured and deeply appreciated by the Coro itself and its devoted followers. If you have any interest in accepting the responsibility for any one of these positions, please contact us via email

Music librarian

While we have extensive files of manuscripts and written music, the ordering and organization of it is outdated. Additionally, we have much work that has not been categorized and/or filed. Our files need to be brought current and the whole system requires revamping and improving. This person must be well organized, thoughtful in planning, and patient. He/she will work directly with the Artistic Director.

House management leader

There are a number of activities/tasks that must be performed at every concert. These tasks range from selling tickets at the door, taking tickets, providing for the pre-concert rehearsing, dressing, and resting environment, security for the musicians property, ushering, ticket count, and all details that relate to the successful management of the audience and physical environment. This person will work primarily with the Director of Operations with some guidance from the Artistic Director.

Publicity distribution leader

A person in needed to create a mechanism whereby we can produce a defined set of publicity pieces for an upcoming concert. This would include such things as press releases, community notices, radio public service announcements, cable public service announcements, internet placement (social networking, arts sites, etc.), and feature story solicitation. This person would help write the various types of publicity pieces, create the different types of target lists, and insure that these pieces went out in timely fashion for each concert, understanding that different types of pieces are required at different time intervals prior to the concert.

Artistic asset coordinator

IPMC and Coro have produced throughout the years, a wealth of artistic assets from music to drawings to posters to programs that need to be cataloged and indexed in a way to be made readily available for the publicity person, for the house management person, and for the web director. Anyone of the aforementioned persons could assume this duty or it could be done by a separate individual. The cataloging and storing of these assets needs to be both electronic and physical. The physical storage needs to be in filing cabinets and unique containers for large art works. This person needs to be detail conscious, computer literate, and creative.

Space organizer

This is a supermom’s job and needs to be done now and in such a way as to make the next move much, much easier and the end result of another move, much more effective. This person needs to be able to look at the rooms in the office, sort through the valuable stuff and the junk, have the judgment necessary to cull the chaff, reduce the volume of stuff, eliminate the detritus, and organize the valuable stuff into meaningful ways. This person would work closely with the Director of Operations, Finance, and Administration, the Artistic Director and the Asset Coordinator.


WE NEED TWO MAC COMPUTERS DONATED!!!!!!! If you have a fairly recent G4 or G5 Mac that you would like to donate and for which you would receive tax credit, please contact our offices.  A recent version of the mini, or a laptop, would be excellent, but a tower would be great as well with a decent, flat panel monitor.